Ex-Eltronics: Female-Driven Procurement Leading the Charge

Ex-Eltronics has been a leading supplier of aerospace and defence (A&D) sourcing, procurement, and supply services for over four decades. With Kristine Brackenridge-Battaglia at the helm, Ex-Eltronics can claim to be at the forefront when it comes to female empowerment. Here’s what the current landscape looks like for women in the A&D industry and what Kristine has to share about her experience as a leader in the field.

Women in A&D: Where Things Stand in 2023

While strides have been made towards gender equality, there’s still a long way to go. For example, in the US, only 19.4% of engineering positions in A&D are held by women – and in some big-name companies, it’s even less. This is despite numerous studies showing that gender-diverse workplaces tend to be more profitable, more productive, and more appealing to employees. However, certain sectors are moving at a faster pace than others in this direction, and A&D can count itself among that number. 

In contrast to engineering and technical subsectors, women in A&D are moving into leadership positions at a faster rate than ever before; Airbus and Rolls Royce are just two of the leading A&D companies with female CTOs. In the United States, women hold 19% of total aerospace and defence CEO positions, nearly four times that of other industries. 

With developments such as these, the way of the future is clear: women are set to start occupying more positions at the top and throughout the industry as companies tap into the vast pool of skills and knowledge they offer. To explain her outlook, let’s see what Ex-Eltronics CEO Kristine Brackenridge-Battaglia has to say about her experience in charge of just such a company.

Meet Kristine Brackenridge-Battaglia, CEO of Ex-Eltronics

Chief Executive Officer Kristine Brackenridge-Battaglia is the daughter of Ex-Eltronics’ founding CEO, Charles Brackenridge. As such, she’s been with the company for much of her life, developing her professional skill set in the midst of her family’s legacy.

Can you tell us about your start with Ex-Eltronics?

When I joined the company my father founded in 2006, I started at the bottom, cutting my teeth in various roles [in] Purchasing, Export, Quality & Management, as I developed the skills that would one day lead me to where I am now. As president of the Ex-El Group today, I believe those skills have allowed me to take leadership of the company for the 21st century.

How has your background informed your day-to-day leadership style?

For me, leading an innovative company through the challenges of meeting aerospace and defence needs across the globe is as much about the future as it is about our legacy. My daily goal is to emulate the work ethic and dedication to the consistent quality that my father Charles embodied, as well as his firm belief that “our strengths are based on the partnerships we have created and nurtured in our 45-plus years of business.”

How would you describe your style of leadership?

I’d say I’m a team-oriented leader, committed to providing guidance and support while ensuring customers’ needs are met and obstacles overcome.

How has your time at Ex-Eltronics prepared you to lead the company?

My years of service have helped me to become a problem solver with the experience needed to make major decisions affecting the future of my company. I’ve also developed quality management expertise, making me capable of engaging and strengthening deep-rooted partnerships with suppliers. And I’ve become a detail-focused specialist, well-versed in industry standards and specifications and satisfying customer requirements.

A&D is a complex field, particularly when serving international clients. How have you responded to the regulatory and formal challenges of operating in this industry?

Leveraging my experience at all levels of Ex-El’s operations, I’ve developed the skills necessary to become an expert in export management. I’m capable of formulating export compliance policies and procedures, establishing requirements for and overseeing licence generation, and supporting licence applications throughout the corporate and regulatory agency review and approval processes.

Choose Exceptional Leadership and Quality with Ex-Eltronics

With Kristine providing innovative leadership, the Ex-Eltronics team is ready to face any challenge the future of A&D can pose. Supported by dedicated specialists in every relevant area and an extensive network of partners providing top-quality solutions, Ex-Eltronics can meet all your aerospace and defence electronics needs with minimal lead times and maximum quality assurance.

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