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Ex-El works with a network of electrical component and military parts manufacturers to provide a wide array of industry-leading components and parts for specialised aerospace and defence applications.

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    Profibus Connectors and Cables

    From the highly-acclaimed engineers at Provertha comes a valuable range of bus plugs, connectors, and cables for use with Profibus networks. The range is built for rapid, plug-and-play deployment with the M-12 series. Provertha’s Profibus products feature a built-in internal cable clamp for safe, low-effort assembly in the field and external clamps for compatibility with specialized and oversized cable diameters. Rugged 360° EMI/RFI crimp flanges make these connectors suitable for the most demanding environments and uses. Choose from a variety of configurations, including pin/pin, pin/bush, bush/bush connections, and cables ranging in length from 0.3 to 10 meters.

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