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With our end-to-end business model, Ex-El has gathered a conglomerate of world-class OEMs to provide a complete package, from original concept to full production.

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Looking for the best electronic component manufacturer? Or perhaps you need access to a military parts manufacturer? Whatever your requirements, Ex-El connects you to a specialised league of suppliers to provide full support for your key technology needs.

Our Partners

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Our Partner – Staco Systems

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The War on EMI: Filtering v Shielding

Whether you work in defence, aerospace, or industrial environments, electromagnetic interference is a bane to your operations. But what’s the best way to deal with it? In simple terms, electromagnetic interference (EMI) refers to the effects of electromagnetic fields, such as radio frequenci...

May 18th, 2023Learn More

Company Announcement UK


March 14th, 2023Learn More

Ex-Eltronics Announces Organizational Changes

After 45 years of growth and success in the aerospace and defence industry, Ex-Eltronics continues to broaden its horizons while expanding its services and product portfolio. Founded by former CEO Charles Brackenridge,Ex-Eltronics has grown organically while offering unparalleled expertise in procu...

September 25th, 2022Learn More

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