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Ex-El works with a network of electrical component and military parts manufacturers to provide a wide array of industry-leading components and parts for specialised aerospace and defence applications.

Our Product Solutions

  • Staco Systems Staco Systems

    Power Converters

    Utilising many years of expertise within the design of mission critical systems, Staco Systems now has all the experience and resources necessary to support customers with reduced time-to-market results on some of the most complex custom design projects.


    Supertube Conduit Systems

    When you need to combine physical cable protection with superior EMC capabilities, choose from KEC’s Supertube conduit system series. Comprising a sturdy aluminum tube with inner and outer layers of insulating plastic, these EMC conduits can be assembled by hand using basic equipment in minimal time and in a wide array of environments. Supertube comes in a standard version made from low-smoke, zero-halogen materials. It may be used in low-fire-risk areas, while a high-grade version employs flame-retardant materials for installation in enclosed areas. The series has been subjected to KEC’s rigorous testing process in order to meet International Maritime Organization and the most demanding military standards.

  • Force Technologies Force Technologies

    Obsolete Semiconductor Solutions

    Our principal, Force Technologies, can re-create EOL (end of life), DMSMS or obsolete semiconductors and offer assured long term availability to customers requiring guaranteed support over the lifetime of a project.

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  • Ferrari Interconnect Systems Ferrari Interconnect Systems

    Pilot & Tactical Helmet Comms Systems and Cable Harnessing

    Established in 1978, Ferrari Interconnect Solutions specializes in the design, manufacture, and integration of total interconnect solutions used within avionics and pilot-helmet communications systems across numerous mission-critical Military applications. Offering complete custom solutions, clients need only stipulate their environmental requirements, connector interface, and performance criteria to receive a personalized product to suit their avionics needs. Through this partnership, Ex-El Group supports our global customer base with both new and established requirements in a range of commodities, as well as for other associated high-reliability ground-based military and flight-critical aerospace applications.

  • Ferrari Interconnect Systems Ferrari Interconnect Systems

    Ground test Equipment

    Established in 1978, Ferrari Interconnect Solutions specializes in the design, manufacture, and integration of total interconnect solutions used within avionics across numerous mission-critical military applications. Additionally, FIS also provides bespoke design services for Ground Test Equipment (GTE) along with the necessary support and innovation for co-opted designs, build-to-print applications, and total custom-designed flight, non-flight & ground-based applications. Through this partnership, Ex-El Group can now support our global customer base with both new and established requirements in the below commodities, as well as for other associated high-reliability ground-based military and flight-critical aerospace applications.

  • Staco Systems Staco Systems


    Staco Systems, a partner of Ex-El, offers top-quality, custom-made bezels for all your aerospace, defense, and maritime needs. Choose from multiple lighting options, equipment-specific configurations and styles as well as hard or elastomeric keys in aluminum and acrylic materials. Staco also offers NVIS-compatible lighting and display varieties with optional sealed tactical switches. Selling to the most demanding industries – military, aerospace, shipboard, and precision industries – the  expansion of Staco Systems is due to a commitment to quality in creating custom solutions for its customers. Their products have been certified with numerous standards boards and military and supplier certifications including AS9100 and MIL-SPEC.

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    Profibus Connectors and Cables

    From the highly-acclaimed engineers at Provertha comes a valuable range of bus plugs, connectors, and cables for use with Profibus networks. The range is built for rapid, plug-and-play deployment with the M-12 series. Provertha’s Profibus products feature a built-in internal cable clamp for safe, low-effort assembly in the field and external clamps for compatibility with specialized and oversized cable diameters. Rugged 360° EMI/RFI crimp flanges make these connectors suitable for the most demanding environments and uses. Choose from a variety of configurations, including pin/pin, pin/bush, bush/bush connections, and cables ranging in length from 0.3 to 10 meters.


    M-12 Connectors and Cables

    Ex-El’s partners at KEC are proud to offer the full range of products from Provertha, including the proven M-12 series connectors and cables. Encased in machined solid brass housings and fully tamper-proof, these are the smallest field-assembled M-12 connectors and cables currently on the market. This range features machined crimp contacts rated to withstand a minimum of 200 cycles and optional screen termination. Available in straight and right-angled configurations, these connectors and cables can be easily and rapidly assembled. The M-12 series comes highly recommended for use in a wide range of automated applications.


    D Type & Rectangular Backshells

    Choose from KEC’s extensive range when you require D-type backshells and connectors for ongoing maintenance or new projects. Designed for high levels of protection against EMI and RFI, these products are crafted from durable, die-cast zinc or optional metalized plastic. Each D-type backshell comes equipped with Provertha’s easy-to-use QuickLock push-pull latching system for rapid, error-free connectivity. Leveraging extensive experience in quality control and testing, KEC’s D-type backshells and connectors are rated to withstand some of the most rigorous environments and applications. They also meet a wide range of EMC and environmental specifications and are TEMPEST-certified.


    Bulkhead Panel Fittings

    Interconnect a wide range of electronic devices and equipment with KEC’s durable, adaptable EMC bulkhead panel fittings. Built to account for and counteract electromagnetic interference in a variety of settings, these fittings are easily assembled and installed without specialized equipment. As such, they can be quickly reworked into an unlimited range of alternative configurations. KEC’s bulkhead fittings have individual and overall screening capabilities and come in a selection of materials and plating finishes. Furthermore, an optional modified IRIS spring and aluminum adaptor tube can be used to support fiber-optic cables with the KG2 and KG5 ranges. Bespoke designs and additional shielding and accessories are available upon request.


    Circular Backshells

    Ex-El partner KEC’s range of circular backshells is an effective resource for protecting sensitive electronic fittings and cables. Lightweight, compact, and engineered for peerless electromagnetic compatibility, these backshells perform in the most demanding of environments. The line is made up of eight individual products suited to a variety of applications. All KEC backshells are designed to accommodate overall and individual wire screening, with optional screen termination devices, strain relief adaptors, and heat shrink boots for additional sealing. No special tools are needed for mounting and each backshell can be quickly modified or removed as needed. Available in a wide variety of finishes, materials, and bespoke patterns.

  • Miracle Electronic Devices PvT Miracle Electronic Devices PvT

    Volume Controllers

    Miracle’s Audio Attenuators (Volume Controllers) are designed with just one goal in mind; crystal clear sound. The product is highly suited to “audiophile” and professional applications where sound quality, accuracy and reliability are a must.

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