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Ex-El works with a network of electrical component and military parts manufacturers to provide a wide array of industry-leading components and parts for specialised aerospace and defence applications.

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  • Staco Systems Staco Systems


    Staco Systems, a partner of Ex-El, offers top-quality, custom-made bezels for all your aerospace, defense, and maritime needs. Choose from multiple lighting options, equipment-specific configurations and styles as well as hard or elastomeric keys in aluminum and acrylic materials. Staco also offers NVIS-compatible lighting and display varieties with optional sealed tactical switches. Selling to the most demanding industries – military, aerospace, shipboard, and precision industries – the  expansion of Staco Systems is due to a commitment to quality in creating custom solutions for its customers. Their products have been certified with numerous standards boards and military and supplier certifications including AS9100 and MIL-SPEC.

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