Custom-Built Cockpit Control Systems Provided by Staco Systems

Staco Systems: A Brief History 

A valued member of the Ex-Eltronics network of official partners, Staco Systems has provided cockpit control system components to some of the leading names in the industry for over 60 years. Staco Systems began life under the name ‘Staco Switch’ during the height of the 1950s aviation boom. Founded in Costa Mesa, California in 1958, the company broke into the market by supporting the many aviation and defence companies located in southern California at that time and has since grown into a world-renowned global exporter of avionics products.

The company has specialised in cockpit components since its inception such as pushbutton display switches, beginning with the first Series 30 and 1M switches, which were installed into the Fokker F27 Friendship airliner in 1960.

Staco Systems today:

Today, Staco Systems has grown to offer full design and manufacturing capabilities towards sub-systems and control panels for civilian and military aircraft, utilising over 60 years of design experience and engineering innovation. Staco Systems manufactures single components used in avionics applications and has its own range of switches, USB charging interfaces, keyboards, keypads, and electronic controllers. They’re also able to build bezels and light plates to customer specifications. The M725 military-grade trackball was released to market in 2017.

Staco Systems is headquartered in Irvine, California, which is where manufacturing also takes place.

Taking their expansive design and production capabilities into account, Staco Systems is a one-stop supplier for reliable flight deck and cockpit control systems, offering a full range of equipment as seen below.

Lighted Pushbutton Switches

Staco Systems’ original flagship product is still on offer, combining decades of high-quality design experience with the latest technology to support operations and equipment in the modern aerospace and defence environment. 

Their lighted pushbutton switches and indicators are certified to MIL-S-8805, MIL-S-22885, and MIL-S-24317 standards. Switches are built for exceptional performance in the most rugged environments and feature a wide range of circuitry control capabilities and display screen combinations. Since 1987, all of Staco Systems’ products have been tested in a fully equipped and certified state-of-the-art QPL lighting and test facility. Staco switches can be configured in a variety of combinations to customer specifications and offer both sunlight readability and night vision (NVIS) options on switches.

Customised Control Panels & Subsystems

Staco Systems offers extensive custom design capabilities and built-to-print control panel assemblies. Custom configurations are handled by Staco Systems’ in-house expert design team from prototype to production stages with no minimum order requirement.

Design capabilities include:

  • Active Ground Detector Panels
  • Auxiliary Panels
  • Emergency Control Panels
  • Navigation Control Panels
  • Radar Display Panels
  • Sensor Panels
  • USB Charging Interface

Illuminated Panels & Bezels

Staco Systems offers an extensive range of ruggedised illuminated panels, bezels, and displays, inclusive of wear-resistant options. These are designed and manufactured in accordance with MIL-DTL-7788, MIL-STD-461, and MIL-STD-810, as well as major USA and international industrial standards. Built using robust designs and tough polymers, these products are suitable for use in the most demanding of operational environments.

NVIS-compliant per MIL-L-85762A and MIL-STD-3009 and highly customisable, Staco’s illuminated panels are also designed for optimal integration with keyboards, bezels, and switch panels. Staco also offers custom light plates from traditional painted panels, bezels, and other MIL-STD assembly types. 

Data Entry Systems

As a one-stop supplier for all your cockpit control assembly needs, Staco Systems proudly offers customisable keyboards, keypads, a range of trackballs, and other data entry solutions and accessories. All data entry products are rated against the most demanding avionics environmental, electrical, EMI, and flammability requirements.

Available custom options include coloured backlighting, custom shape enclosures, custom keycaps and print legends, branding, signal interface (I/O), and accessories as well as stand-alone pointing devices. Staco Systems can also manufacture NVIS-compatible LED backlit keyboards.

Ex-Eltronics & Staco Systems: Keeping Customers Airborne Through Innovative Cockpit Controls

At Ex-Eltronics we’re proud to distribute Staco Systems products to our customers working in the Aerospace and Defence industries. To find out more about Staco Systems, visit their partner page on our site. You can get in touch with Ex-Eltronics today to place an order or discuss how we can assist with your avionics requirements. 

We can also be reached at [email protected] / +44 (0) 1420 590390