July Product Focus

Spanning all industries where semiconductor obsolescence is a universally increasing challenge to delivering a compliant system, Ex-Eltronics in partnership with Force Technologies can deliver class-leading solutions to individual obsolescence issues. Force have over 30 years of experience in resolving customer EoL and hard-to-find headaches – covering the design, manufacture and full testing of obsolete semiconductors and microprocessors plus liner, memory, opto, analogue and discrete active devices too. 

Through their respective global networks, both companies have supported key programmes to effect the extension of life for existing designs as well as to offering redesigns where required. Their experts use highly detailed information from the original product manufacturers in the re-creation, assembly and test processing to provide fit, form and function (FFF) replacements to EoL designs thus eliminating time-consuming and hugely expensive redesigns of existing systems and offering qualified, life-extended options to legacy projects for many years to come.

Additionally, Ex-Eltronics offers up-front notification of impending obsolescence via it’s participation in the highly effective IHS system. Invaluable forward notice of up-coming product obsolescence provided to you as part of our total product supply service. With exclusive area coverage in Japan & Australia, the Ex-Eltronics & Force Technologies partnership is all you need to solve most semiconductor and active component obsolescence issues!

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