Ex-Eltronics Announces Organizational Changes

After 45 years of growth and success in the aerospace and defence industry, Ex-Eltronics continues to broaden its horizons while expanding its services and product portfolio. Founded by former CEO Charles Brackenridge,
Ex-Eltronics has grown organically while offering unparalleled expertise in procurement and technical services, attracting the highest-level partners and products.

The Ex-Eltronics team considers itself a family. Working within this family-based organization contributes to the core values which drive the successful company. This attributes to much of their success, dedication, and customer-orientated work ethic.

With Kristine (Brackenridge) Battaglia as the new CEO alongside her brother Craig Brackenridge as Vice President, and a strong business plan that compliments the same vision their family has followed for years, the future is full of promise!

About Kristine (Brackenridge) Battaglia, President

With over 16 years in the aerospace and defense industry, Kristine strives to lead by example and to honor her father Charles Brackenridge’s hard work and legacy. Her specialization is in quality management and export compliance, along with her responsibilities for company operations. Kristine’s goals are the continual improvements of the family business, and for this, she holds the entire global team in the highest regard. Kristine’s work ethic remains in-line with that of her father Charles:

“Our strengths are based on the partnerships we have created and nurtured in our 45 plus years of business”.

About Craig Brackenridge, Vice President

With a strong desire to work alongside his father, Craig’s career with Ex-Eltronics began at a mere 10 years old, when he began learning about the business. He spent time in the warehouse and shipping department where his grandfather Joe Pisano was also employed. Upon graduating from high school, Craig accepted his first position with Ex-Eltronics within customer service.

After this, Craig advanced into purchasing and then into operations where eventually he would head the department. He ultimately progressed through the business and ultimately attained the level of Vice President.
Kristine and Craig have devoted themselves to further expanding the business globally, diversifying to new and exciting business arenas while upholding the legacy of the business passed down to them by their father.