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Volume Controllers

Miracle’s Audio Attenuators (Volume Controllers) are designed with just one goal in mind; crystal clear sound.

The product is highly suited to “audiophile” and professional applications where sound quality, accuracy and reliability are a must.

The Volume Control Switch comes with 11 volume steps (10 regulator steps and 1-zero position) and, addition,  comprises an E/M relay (24VDC), which makes emergency announcements possible, even if control is at position "0". The Switch is based on a compact design, which provides for shorter signal path than conventional attenuators. The design also effectively reduces inductance and stray capacitance to achieve increased sonic quality over an increased bandwidth.  

Product Variants are available:

  • 20 Hz to 20 KHz Frequency
  • 25 watts, 30 watts, 60 Volts in E&I constructions