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Toroidal Transformers


Toroidal, EI, Power, Audio, SMPS and UI encapsulated Transformers, Chokes and Inductors are available through our association with Miracle Electronics in India.  Miracle offer bespoke turn-key solutions and a range of standard products for all key applications.
As experts in the design and manufacturing of wound products, Miracle provide a professional solution for all your wound product and transformer needs.

From efficient, conventional laminated cored mains transformers to ferrite cored types that meet the exacting requirements of Switched Mode Power Supplies, Miracle should be your cost efficient manufacturer of choice.

Miracle is renowned for producing highly efficient and extremely durable transformers with superior wiring, varnishing and connection terminals.

Call +44 (0) 1420 590 390 now to discuss an existing design or a new concept, or alternatively e-mail miracle@exeluk.com