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Rack & Panel Avionics Connectors

As authorised design-partner for Amphenol LTD, Ex-El Group offers integration support for Amphenol’s global range of interconnect products.
Amphenol Canada’s ARINC 600 and 404 connectors provide the user with a highly configurable blind-mating, rack and panel interface, specifically designed for both civil and military aerospace avionics applications where the user benefits from space and weight savings.
These connectors are available in standard and custom configurations with options available for various contact types including: power, signal, RF and Optical Fibre, or in bespoke insert combinations where required. 
Amphenol's customized ARINC connector configurations will suit most designs of rack and panel avionic and electronics boxes, and custom integrated panel designs are also available – with or without integral EMI/EMP filtering.
ARINC 600 Connectors are a mainstream standard of rack and panel/push-pull connector for use in most civil aerospace avionic applications. The ARINC 600 features lower insertion-force contacts, higher-density and employs a front release, floating keying system. 
ARINC 600 rack and panel connectors are designed to meet all relevant ARINC 600 connector specifications and will meet the most demanding avionic requirements.
Features and benefits:
Low insertion-force contacts
Environmental and non-environmental versions
Front-removable keying posts
Field-replaceable inserts for size 22 and power contacts
Up to 800 size 22 contact positions within one connector
Crimp, coaxial, power, printed circuit, and wire wrap contacts
Waveguide connections
ARINC 404 
ARINC 404 rack and panel connectors are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of MIL-C-81659 and ARINC Specification 404. The Amphenol Canada "AR" Series is a multi-purpose connector used in military ground applications, military aerospace and computer periphery applications. These push-pull connectors are available in five different shell styles with up to four insert cavities. Inserts in this product line accommodate signal and power contacts in sizes 12, 16, 20 and 22. Coaxial contacts are available in sizes 5 and 9. Insert arrangements are available utilizing a single contact or a combination of standard and coaxial contacts. Non-environmental and environmentally sealed connectors are available. The environmental sealing is accomplished by wire sealing grommets and interfacial seals. Application specific designs, including EMI transient protection are also available.
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Download the full Amphenol ARINC 600 catalogue here.
Download the full Amphenol ARINC 404 catalogue here.