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Program Procurement

Ex-Eltronics aim is to serve as a trusted, international extension to our client’s own purchasing office and provide wider purchasing and value-added support for complete projects or across commodities.

The supply package is tailored to the needs of the client and aimed at delivering tangible commercial benefits with a reduction in the overall cost of acquisition.

Our customer’s feedback is that our work has been critical to the success of their programs due to our product knowledge, pro-activeness and attention to detail.

Our customer’s benefit from:

  • Vendor reduction
  • Single point of contact
  • Reduced administration
  • Consistency of process and paperwork
  • EDI potential for a greater number of parts
  • Better understanding of project objectives
  • Easier flow-down of contractual requirements
  • Managed 3rd party processes
  • Real-time obsolescence surveillance, where applicable
  • More effective time management (buyers able to concentrate on more strategic matters)
  • Consolidated shipments