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As an extension to its other procurement services, Ex-Eltronics has developed Excess Material Solutions aimed at pro-actively managing the sale of our customers’ surplus parts for the best return on investment.

Defense and Aerospace procurement remains core to Ex-Eltronics business model, but this service capability is now finding favour with OEMs operating in other high reliability, harsh environment applications where quality standards are equally as high.

Like its sister operation, Midway Industrial provides a Sourcing Service to its after-market clients.



Ex-Eltronics has been a highly reliable, accredited supplier of tailored procurement services to Defense and Aerospace OEMs since its formation in 1976.

At first, the company simply offered a general Sourcing service to clients in Europe, but as confidence in our abilities and capabilities grew, we became more deeply engaged with many of our clients, providing full program support for the broadest possible spectrum of parts, from state-of-the-art electronic components to simple mechanical parts and everything in-between.  So was born our Program Procurement service.

Our staff became involved in new projects from their inception, working not just with Purchasing, but with other functions too, and the Company has supported those programs through their production phase to end of life.  

Through the licensing of supported programs to other countries, Ex-Eltronics has extended its reach to a truly worldwide customer base and, with the help of others, offers ancillary Value Added Services from component preparation and processing to kitting.

Because military equipment needs to be supported longer than the life cycle of many components, obsolescence is a significant challenge to defence OEMs.  Ex-Eltronics has Obsolescence Management methods and tools at its disposal to help clients meet this challenge.



As a provider of a general purchasing service, the Group’s sourcing options are limitless and unrestricted.

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Value Added Services

Established relationships with manufacturing sub-contractors, component processors, independent test houses and inspection service providers allow us to accommodate and coordinate requests.

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Program Procurement

Ex-Eltronics aim is to serve as a trusted, international extension to our client’s own purchasing office and provide wider purchasing and value-added support for complete projects or across commodities.

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Obsolescence Management

Obsolescence is inevitable and unavoidable, so obsolescence management is essential to maximise cost-efficiency over the life cycle of a product.

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