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Obsolescence Management

As a professional supplier of component sourcing services, the Ex-El Group is conscious of its obligations to provide effective obsolescence management solutions to those customers who engage us in a project/program capacity.  

Tools and resources have been developed aimed at identifying obsolescence before it happens and to provide creative technical solutions to extend the life of a product and postpone expensive redesign activity.

The Company has a team of independent engineers we can call upon to help find a solution to obsolescence issues in support of legacy requirements.

Robust procedures have also been put in place to protect clients from the growing threat of counterfeit product.



Ex-Eltronics has been a highly reliable, accredited supplier of tailored procurement services to Defense and Aerospace OEMs since its formation in 1976.

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Ex-Eltronics provides tailored kitting solutions for aftermarket and overhaul requirements within the scope of our AS/EN9120:2010 approval.

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Through local and offshore partner companies, Ex-Eltronics offer a complete design through to manufacture service.

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Ex-Eltronics represents professional overseas manufacturers of wound magnetic products and motion sensors.

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