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EMI FlexFilter Inserts

  • Highest performance insert – consistent superiority in side by side comparisons to our competition’s inserts.
  • Components (Caps, Resistors, TVSs, Diodes, etc.) can be integrated to maximize results on pin by pin basis.
  • Lower cost alternative to EMI filtered connectors.
  • Optimum spacing and isolation ensure operation at high voltages.
  • Rugged polymide material delivers contact and retention force required for severe environments. 

Mil-Circular EMI Filter Inserts

EMI's Mil-Circular filter inserts are available for most military circular and D-Subminiature connectors with chip cap level filtering that meets a large percentage of requirements (40 dB).

  • EMI Filter Inserts for MIL-38999 Connectors
  • EMI Filter Inserts for MIL-26482 Connectors
  • EMI Filter Inserts for MIL-5015   Connectors
  • EMI Filter Inserts for MIL-83723 Connectors 
  • EMI Filter Inserts for MIL-25799 Connectors 
  • EMI Filter Inserts for MIL-26500 Connectors 

* Custom Configurations Available *
When considering filters to help eliminate noise issues in a system, determining the best EMI solution is based on the mechanical configuration of your system.
Highest reliability drop-in EMI filter solution for Military Circular & D-Sub connectors.
Chip Cap filtering delivers industry best performance.
Simple installation using your existing connector.
Wide array of cost effective capacitance and voltage options.

D-Subminiature EMI Filter Inserts
EMI Filter Inserts for MIL-24308 D-Sub Connector 

* Custom Configurations Available *

ARINC EMI Filter Inserts
EMI Filter Inserts for ARINC 404 Connector
EMI Filter Inserts for ARINC 600 Connector

* Custom Configurations Available *