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Amphenol TV-SIM for FO Connections

TV-SIM is a Modular threaded coupling connector that meets the requirements of MIL-DTL-38999 Series III, EN3645, EN4165 & VG96513 Standards. It offers a wide range of optical terminations like 8 or 4 expanded beam size 12 or 16 contacts, like 4 Elio or Lumière contacts based on a 2,5mm ceramic ferrule, or 6 Arinc 801 contacts based on ceramic 1,5mm ceramic ferrule, 8 M29504 optical termini, 1 MTP or MPO, as well as up to 2 MT ferrules, means up to 96 channels per connector.
Features & Benefits:
• Threaded coupling style (MILDTL-D38999 Series III Shell Size 17)
• Wire installation/maintenance is easy and efficient thanks to the insertion / extraction feature of EN4165 inserts
• Interfacial and Triple-Barrier Seal enables environmental sealing (IP67 rating)
• Multiple Keying Positions ensure proper connectivity
• Multiple electrical and fiber optical configurations and accessories provide tailored solutions to meet application needs
•Tin-Zinc Plating to meet ROHS & REACH requirements
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