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Sub-Systems & Control Panels

Ex-El Group in partnership with Staco Systems offers complete solutions for the design of mission critical, precision electromechanical and optical subsystems.

Via our partnership with StacoSystems, Ex-El Group provides engineering and support, inclusive of project estimation, conceptual design, development, qualification, certification, manufacturing and ongoing life-cycle support for both built-to-spec or custom designed products.

StacoSystems Sub-systems can be designed to meet the most stringent of requirements and harshest of environments where failure is not an option. Designs can include integrated products such as illuminated panels, all types of pushbutton and rotary switches and forms of data entry, supplied completely wired and encased in appropriate materials and pre-assembled for quick installation in larger control systems. Flexible design and project management supports a variety of communication protocols, NVIS-compliant lighting, incandescent or LED lighting and finished products can be supplied fully tested and certified ready for use within application. StacoSystems has long pedigree of QPL certifications making them a truly unique supplier. 

The combination of Ex-El Groups historical pedigree within total military and aerospace programme management  coupled with StacoSystems 50 years of engineering experience makes this the perfect partnership and allows for superior levels of sales and engineering support. We ensure that our customers production schedule is on time and within budget. We support customers from all industries, specialising in Aerospace, Marine/Naval, Ground Vehicle and Training/Simulation platforms for the Defence sector.

Please contact us for more information or to register your interest, an Ex-El Sales Engineer will be pleased to speak to you.

Please download the StacoSystems Sub-Systems Product Card here
Please download the StacoSystems Control Panel Assembly Design Guide here: 

StacoSystems also offer market-specific literature.
Please download the StacoSystems Naval Systems brochure here
Please download the StacoSystems Aerospace brochure here
Please download the StacoSystems Ground Vehicle brochure here
Please download the StacoSystems Industrial brochure here
Please download the StacoSystems Power Products brochure here