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Technology Partnering

Since 1976, Ex-Eltronics has proudly provided it’s legacy global sourcing and procurement services to a world of customers who need class-leading support in the supply of a wide array of components and sub-systems - right through to fully managed, subcon manufacturing of complete assemblies - all under our extensive industry and customer qualifications and approvals. 

Under our exciting diversification activity, we are also delighted to provide specifically selected, bespoke component and sub-systems technologies from world-recognised OEMs where we provide total support to your requirements - from original concept right the way through to full-production.

Our partners offer both existing and developed second-to-none solutions in their specialist fields - all supported through Ex-Eltronics’ own experience and skillsets gained through years of technical support in areas such as interconnect products/systems, e-mech and electrical components, actives/passives as well as to providing electrical sub-systems design support in many aspects of customer systems requirements.

In short, Ex-Eltronics can provide you with total product supply solutions - to existing BoMs and specifications as well as for new applications and developed stand-alone and sub-systems requirements - from the ground-up. We have the experience, we have the knowledge…all wrapped up in Ex-El’s reputation for innovation with integrity.