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Ex-Eltronics is proud to unveil our newest partnership with KEC.

KEC has been producing high performance EMC circular backshells for over 40 years, developing patented methods for both individual and overall screen termination.

KEC design and manufacture high quality, high performance, EMC backshells for both circular and rectangular connectors, and bulkhead gland fittings to screen and seal cables passing through, or terminating at, instrument panels, box entries and bulkheads. KEC backshells provide an environmental seal that is equal too or higher than the rating of the connector to which they are fitted with the added advantage of improved conductivity for EMC screening.

KEC products are complemented with a full range of D Type, M12 and Profibus Connectors and Backshells, Metal Braids, Sleeving and Shielding, Conduit and Connector Mounting Plates, and together we can assist our customers with the design, build, source and supply of complete systems or we can work to specific customer requirement to produce, and project manage total EMC interconnect solutions.

This partnership allows Ex-Eltronics to further support its global customer with backshell products . Manufacturing takes place exclusively in the UK, significantly reducing delivery lead times and maximising availability for both small batch and high-volume production runs, all at industry leading and competitive prices.

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