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Data Entry Solutions

Through our partner Staco Systems we can assist with integration for a wide range of off the shelf keyboards and keypads.  Additionally, our partner Staco can design bespoke units tailored to the end users requirement.

Custom options include:

• Retrofit for rugged laptop keyboard                 • Custom shape enclosure

• Custom key layout                                                • Backlighting (NVIS)

• Accessories/stand-alone pointing device        • Color backlighting

• Signal Interface (I/O)                                           • Custom keycap/print legends

• Panel/enclosed                                                    • Pointing device

• Build to print                                                         • Connector

• Cable                                                                     • Custom branding


Custom Keyboards:

From new ideas to simple modifications, Staco can build the best keyboard for the task.

The range of keyboards can be panel mounted and supplied in accordance with MIL-STD-46 and as such Staco keyboards and are used extensively within defence applications worldwide, where reliability is key.

These products are also ideal for law enforcement, public safety, industrial and process control environments

The Staco Systems M879 keyboard is watertight sealed, dust proof and meets a NEMA 4 water resistance rating. Built with elastomer for optimal sealing, it has an integrated touchpad, dimmable RED LED backlighting and is wipeable for easy clean-up.

Please contact us for design assistance for any off the shelf or custom requirements for Staco Ruggedised Keyboards.

Custom Keypads:

Staco Systems keypads are manufactured to perform well under harsh environmental conditions. They are watertight sealed, dust-proof and meet NEMA 4 water resistance rating.

The keypad range comprises of nine standard configurations, which can be further customised to suit the end customers operational needs.

Staco Systems can also design customised configurations and layouts.

Please contact us 

M725/0002 Trackball

Staco Systems M725/0002 is a PC-compatible rugged trackball.

This device is waterproof, USB-compatible and includes a trackball within metal enclosure with a three-button keypad. It is specially designed with shielding, noise suppression diodes, and circuit boards to minimize EMI/RFI and provide High Amplitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HAEMP) protection.

Having recently been upgraded to the 0002 variant, the new design features an optical tracking technology with solid state sensing.

Please contact us