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 Keyboards and Keypads

Staco Systems has been creating custom keyboards and accessories for more than 25 years. They design solutions to fit your application, specifications, budget and timeline. From new ideas to simple modifications, Staco can build the best keyboard for the task.

The lead time for most custom keyboards and keypads is 3 to 6 months. Staco Systems, via Ex-Eltronics, provides Project management support to ensure every milestone is on track.

Custom options include:

• Retrofit for rugged laptop keyboard

• Custom shape enclosure

• Custom key layout

• Backlighting (NVIS)

• Accessories/stand-alone pointing device

• Color backlighting

• Signal Interface (I/O)

• Custom keycap/print legends

• Panel/enclosed

• Pointing device

• Build to print

• Connector

• Cable

• Custom branding

NEMA 4 Water Resistance

Staco’s  M879 keyboard is watertight sealed, dust proof, meets a NEMA 4 water resistance rating and is built with elastomer for optimal sealing.  It has an integrated toughpad, dimmable RED LED backlighting and is wipeable for easy clean-up.


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Ex-Eltronics has been a highly reliable, accredited supplier of tailored procurement services to Defense and Aerospace OEMs since its formation in 1976.

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Ex-Eltronics provides tailored kitting solutions for aftermarket and overhaul requirements within the scope of our AS/EN9120:2016 approval.

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Through local and offshore partner companies, Ex-Eltronics offer a complete design through to manufacture service.

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Ex-Eltronics represents professional overseas manufacturers of wound magnetic products and motion sensors.

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