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The Ex-El Group services Aerospace industries around the world, more specifically civil and defense airframe manufacturers, commercial airlines, MRO facilities and completion centers.


With nearly 40 years of expertise in aerospace and avionic systems, Ex-Eltronics has become an indispensable part of the supply chain for many of its civil and defence aerospace customers.

The Company supplies a wide range of parts and dedicated Procurement Services to both fixed and rotary wing programs 

Our exclusive representation with AS9100C approved  Miracle Electronic Devices  offers our  Aerospace clients the opportunity to “Make in India” and their wound magnetics expertise and aerospace accreditation makes them a “magnet” to commercial and military aerospace manufacturers seeking to expand their business interests in India.

Products manufactured by our other principals are used in a variety of aerospace / avionic applications. 

Staco Systems is the world’s leading provider of dependable cockpit solutions for illuminated panels, switches, data entry systems and sub-systems.  SMC’s Transient Voltage Suppressors provide transient protection for cockpit electronics, engine, actuation and passenger cabin systems and on-board communications. Xensor supply Speed Sensors for critical aircraft applications and design and manufacture motion sensors for other flight and ground support applications.

Midway Industrial Electronics
Since its acquisition in 1989, Midway has provided aftermarket supply chain management services to commercial airlines, MRO facilities and completion centers.


Ex-Eltronics has been a highly reliable, accredited supplier of tailored procurement services to Defense and Aerospace OEMs since its formation in 1976.

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Pushbutton Switches

Staco Systems offer a wide selection of pushbutton switches and indicators built to meet the most demanding specifications, control capabilities and combinations.

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Rotary Switches

Extensive range of single and multi-deck rotary switches with extremely rugged construction and virtually limitless configurations.

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Illuminated Panels

Staco’s premium illuminated panels are the toughest, most advanced on the market, able to perform in any environmental condition. Traditional painted panels are also available.

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Data Entry Solutions

Staco’s keyboards are designed to meet stringent environmental, electrical, EMI and flammability certification requirements. Many are waterproof, environmentally sealed and chemical resistant.

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Transient Voltage Suppressors

SMC produce alternatives to Microsemi PLADs and all other plastic TVS parts. Avionic screening options available.  Full traceability assured. 

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Magnetic Pickups

Ideal for heavy equipment speed, transmission, engine governors, camshaft/crankshaft position and output applications. 

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Toroidal, EI, Power, Audio, SMPS and UI encapsulated Transformers, Chokes and Inductors are available through our association with Miracle Electronics in India.

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Smart solutions for medical applications
Wire Harnesses
Toroidal, EI & SMPS Transformers
Medical Grade Isolation Transformers
ISO13485 approved manufacturing
Make it in India