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Motion Sensors

Our relationship with Xensor allows us to provide a range of motion sensor solutions for both high and low volume bespoke OEM requirements. 

Xensor's bespoke service gives them the ability to customize their sensors’ functional and physical characteristics. In most cases, they can supply exact drop-in replacements to match even the most unusual sizes, or make modifications and improvements to existing designs in order to optimize performance.

Ex-Eltronics can supply the following types of motion sensors:

Hall Effect

Xensor offer high quality hall-effect sensors that excel in harsh operating conditions (e.g. off-road hydraulic motors).

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These LVDT/LVIT sensors are very flexible and suitable for the direct indication of displacement.

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Magnetic Pickups

Ideal for heavy equipment speed, transmission, engine governors, camshaft/crankshaft position and output applications. 

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Digitrac ®, Quadratrack, and other magnetoresistive sensors meet requirements for higher resolution and precision. 

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Proximity Sensors

Xensor Proximity Sensors offer state-of-the-art high switching accuracy and uncompromised reliability. 

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A magnetically biased, Hall-effect integrated circuit (IC) providing angular position information for various control applications. 

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