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Through formal representation agreements with professional overseas manufacturers, Ex-Eltronics offer innovative product solutions engineered to customer requirement.   

DATA ENTRY SOLUTIONS -Keyboards, Keypads and Cursor Controls

DIODES - Hi-Rel, screened types (TVS etc)

DIE EXTRACTION AND RE-ASSEMBLY - Solving obsolescence issues 

PANELS - Illuminated and Painted

RUGGEDIZED COMPUTING - Laptops and Tablets

SWITCHES - Pushbutton, Indicator and Rotary

WOUND MAGNETICS - Transformers (Audio, Toroidal and Medical Grade Isolation types), Chokes & Inductors

Pushbutton Switches

Staco Systems offer a wide selection of pushbutton switches and indicators built to meet the most demanding specifications, control capabilities and combinations.

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Rotary Switches

Extensive range of single and multi-deck rotary switches with extremely rugged construction and virtually limitless configurations.

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Illuminated Panels

Staco’s premium illuminated panels are the toughest, most advanced on the market, able to perform in any environmental condition. Traditional painted panels are also available.

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Staco Systems produces high-reliability, precision electromechanical and optical subsystems for your specific application.

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Data Entry Solutions

Staco’s keyboards are designed to meet stringent environmental, electrical, EMI and flammability certification requirements. Many are waterproof, environmentally sealed and chemical resistant.

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Transient Voltage Suppressors

SMC produce alternatives to Microsemi PLADs and all other plastic TVS parts. Avionic screening options available.  Full traceability assured. 

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Motion Sensors

Our relationship with Xensor allows us to provide a range of motion sensor solutions for both high and low volume bespoke OEM requirements. 

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Toroidal, EI, Power, Audio, SMPS and UI encapsulated Transformers are available through our association with Miracle Electronics in India.  Miracle offer bespoke turn-key solutions and a range of standard products for all key applications.

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Inductors / Chokes

Miracle’s Inductors are ideal for any application requiring a high DC current bias and are well suited for use in switch-mode power supplies.

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Medical Grade Isolation Transformers

Designed and developed for the international medical device industry, Miracle’s Isolation Transformer is smaller and quieter than others on the market.

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Smart solutions for medical applications

Wire Harnesses
Toroidal, EI & SMPS Transformers
Medical Grade Isolation Transformers
ISO13485 approved manufacturing