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EMI Filter Connectors

EMI Filtering Solutions:
EMI Filter Connectors

WEMS Electronics specialise in state-of-the-art EMI custom filters, engineering, and manufacturing services. 
Through our newest partnership - with WEMS Electronics Inc, of California, Ex-Eltronics can now offer full I/O filter connector design and integration for all box & equipment solutions to afford the highest levels of EMI/EMP protection.
In partnership with WEMS, Ex-Eltronics can offer a total systems integration approach to the design and fabrication of precision electronic assemblies and subsystems where low-pass filtering (via LC, C, L, T and pi circuits) is required at the equipment’s connector interface (I/O) via discreet chip, planar array, discoidal and tubular filtering circuit protocols. Circular, rectangular, microminiature and hermetic solutions are available to suit most MIL-DTL and EN specification requirements.

WEMS’ EMI/RFI filter division designs and manufactures high reliability multi-circuit & discreet feed-through (F/T) input, output, power and signal line filters for military, aerospace, space, and commercial applications. Specialising in:

• EMI Filter Design
• EMI Filter Circuit Analysis
• EMI Filter & Power Magnetics Design
• Magnetics Analysis
• EMI Filter Circuit Lay-Out and Packaging
• EMI Filter Source / Specification Control Drawings
• Acceptance Test Procedures
• Qualification Test Procedures
• Base Line Documentation

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