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Excess Material Solutions

Excess inventory can create a heavy financial burden.  The longer parts sit on stock, the greater potential for loss exists.  Ex-Eltronics can ease that burden by pro-actively managing your surplus material.

Ex-Eltronics is committed to meeting the challenges our customers face and offers disposal options which can be tailored to your needs:

  • Parts Listing
    Ex-Eltronics lists your inventory on its internal database and uses its on-line services to strategically market the parts.
  • Lot Buys
    Ex-Eltronics evaluates and costs a complete lot with a view to making an outright offer.  This is a fast and efficient way to move your excess off your warehouse shelves and off the balance sheet.
  • Consignment
    The excess material is consigned into Ex-Eltronics stock and then actively marketed through established sales channels. Product is sold individually and the revenue shared.  This offers the greatest potential for return on investment and Ex-Eltronics assumes all credit risks associated with the sale.

If you have excess material requiring disposal, and would like to discuss the options with us, please contact us.

Recently stocked product for sale now:

AD9058ATJ/883B 4
ADM663AAR 1051
AM29F400BT-90EI 280
AT89S8252-24AI 154
BZT03C160 25012
BZT03C36 25001
BZT03C75 24999
CY74FCT162245ATPAC 1094
CY74FCT162373ATPAC 1980
DS1620S 486
HCPL-0661 224
LTC1690IS8 785
MAT04FS 150
MAX690AESA 338
MAX913ESA 1107
PCA82C250T 1653
REF01EJ 221
REF05SM 138
SAF82525N 1122
ST16C550IQ48 738
TL082ID 3110
WS512K32-20G2TMA 193
XC4044XL-2HQ240I 33
XC4052XLA-09HQ240I 19
XC4085XLA-09HQ240I 17
XC95108-10PQ100I 40

Contact our US office if you require further details