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Customised Power Products

Utilising many years of expertise within the design of mission critical systems, Staco Systems now has all the experience and resources necessary to support customers with reduced time-to-market results on some of the most complex custom design projects. Supporting collaboration on concept development through to rapid prototyping, through military and commercial qualification such as MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-810 and DO-160.
In house capabilities include:
Staco Systems also possess a full suite of CAD software, in-house fabrication, environmental testing equipment, and an EMC lab. Their engineering teams can model, build, and test through the design and development phases to ensure compliance at the final qualification test stage. After qualification, Staco can then turn to their production team to have the system manufactured in an AS9100 certified manufacturing facility. Staco Systems is ready to help your team with the design, development, and delivery of your power project.
Here are some examples of the Power capabilities we can support:
Power Converters:
DC to DC
AC to DC
DC to AC Inverters
AC to AC Frequency Converters
Ex-El Group can assist with specifying Staco products to your application.
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