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Obsolete Semiconductor Solutions


Our principal, Force Technologies, can re-create EOL (end of life), DMSMS or obsolete semiconductors and offer assured long term availability to customers requiring guaranteed support over the lifetime of a project.  Parts are produced to the original manufacturer’s design specifications, or equivalents, and the Force manufactured alternatives are:

  • Fully approved – no legal or grey market issues. Supplied under Force OEM “FT” part designation.
  • Available for most types of semiconductor from most manufacturers, including AMD/Spansion, Atmel, Linear Technology and Xicor
  • Produced using qualified manufacturing lines and modern assembly techniques with approved testing facilities for both analogue and digital parametrics.
  • Available with innovative in-design enhancements
  • 100% guaranteed to meet datasheet performance against OCM specification, a customer source control drawing or purchase specification.
  • Guaranteed to be available for up to 20 years

Custom Design

Force Technologies Ltd. offers custom design and manufacture to meet the specific requirements of clients in the commercial, industrial, military, aerospace and space sectors, from emulation to fabrication.

They have reversed engineered “standard” OEM devices, emulated FPGA’s using later devices or ASIC technology and utilised MCM’s (multi-chip modules).  Over the years, they have produced everything from diodes to microprocessors, from single logic or memory ICs to complex systems.

Die Extraction and Re-assembly

Sometimes, OCM bare die cannot be sourced to re-create a device, but the required die is available on the market in an alternative package footprint.  By extracting that die and reassembling it into the required package, designers can get the fit, form and function they require.

Force Technologies now offers a recognised and proven solution for extracting die from an available package and reassembling it into another and the “FT” designated parts they produce are guaranteed to meet the OCM data sheet.

Using donor IC’s to resolve obsolescence issues is a game changer, not just for commercial/industrial users, but for Defense OEMs too.  This US Defense approved technology has been deployed for US military customers and, in every case, the produced device has passed full MIL-STD-883 QCI testing.

For more information on this process, click here.

Mechanical Re-working

Force Technologies offers a number of standard and custom mechanical re-working services for existing or damaged components, including:

  • Ball-attach
  • De-balling
  • Re-balling
  • Solder sphere conversions

Re-working practices are qualified and compliant and parts are fully tested for re-use


All “FT” and OEM parts can be stored and scheduled for up to 30 years in controlled environments and with regular sample testing.