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Through relationships that were originally built over several years of program procurement activity, Ex-El has develop strong relationships with a wide network of local and overseas contract manufacturers. We have also invested in personnel with engineering and manufacturing experience, allowing us to offer project managed manufacturing services.

These services have traditionally been an attraction to smaller businesses (SMEs) seeking a partner to manage their manufacturing requirements and to larger operations wanting to offshore production, but without the importation hassles. 

Beyond individual product lines we can assist with project management and integration of the following systems, tailored particularly to Defence OEM’s.

• RF/Coaxial sub-systems and cable-assemblies.
• Microwave/High-bandwidth applications.
• Fully integrated box and cable systems.
• Avionics/cockpit installation to specification.
• High power/high voltage interconnect/cables/equipment management.
• Cable and equipment EMI filtering solutions.
• EWIS applications and protocols for Aerospace and Defence.
• Communications systems wiring integration.
• Environmental interconnect management.

Obsolete Semiconductor Solutions

Our principal, Force Technologies, can re-create EOL (end of life), DMSMS or obsolete semiconductors and offer assured long term availability to customers requiring guaranteed support over the lifetime of a project. 

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Managed Manufacturing

Ex-Eltronics utilises its procurement knowledge, program management skills, engineering expertise to manage production.

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Make in India

Make in India is an initiative launched by the Government of India to encourage national, as well as multi-national companies to manufacture their products in India. 

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Engineered Solutions

Our market know-how allows us to connect our international OEM clients with engineering specialists local to our operations. 

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