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‘Make in India’

Narendra Modi’s long-anticipated visit to the UK highlights an important opportunity for British companies to profit from an increasingly dynamic Indian economy.

‘Of all the world leaders who have visited Britain, only Nelson Mandela and the Pope have addressed bigger public gatherings than Narendra Modi’; the Indian Prime Minister’s rally at Wembley Stadium on 13th November attracted over 60,000 people. The British leg of this tour has been the most keenly awaited. It marks an important strengthening of UK-India trade relations, encouraging many opportunities for investment and offshoring manufacturing, represented by the ‘Make in India’ campaign’.

Modi’s landslide Indian election victory in May 2014 heralds a reinforced era of growth for the Indian economy. In contrast to China’s growing problems, India is looking increasingly attractive to prospective business partners with growth at 7% in the April-June quarter. Modi has solid economic credentials; for over a decade, he presided over the impressive rise in Gujarat State’s prosperity. His bold long-term plans for dynamic pro-business reforms in India have been well received by the commercial and investment communities. Barack Obama recently nominated Modi as one of Time magazine's top '100 Leaders’; while David Cameron argued that India’s credibility has improved globally.

Several key aerospace and defence industry players have already taken advantage of this opportunity. Boeing has many key components designed and built in India and has recently signed a $3-billion contract with the Indian Government to supply 22 Apaches and 15 Chinooks. Boeing’s Chairman Mr McNerney recently declared that ‘Boeing sees huge potential in India for civil aviation growth and it projects the country will need 1,800 aircraft over the next two decades’. 

Likewise, Airbus sees India as much more than a market and expect their procurement spend from India to reach a billion Euros by 2020.  It has purchased various harnesses for the Airbus 320 and 380 from India since April 2013. 

Ex-Eltronics recognised this trend and its exclusive representation with India’s Miracle Electronic Devices was a positive reaction to it.  Our relationship with this AS9120 approved manufacturer allows us to meet the upward demand from the aerospace and defence supply chain for Indian produced cable harnesses and our in house technical and logistical expertise means we can simplify the importation process and provide professional engineering support.  Furthermore, Miracle has an established infrastructure of local electronic and mechanical companies supporting its business, expertise we can tap into to offer customers wider product solutions, from mechanical parts, to electro-mechanical assembly and full box integration. 

In short, if you want to “Make in India”, we have the capability to help you.

Cable Harnesses

Ex-Eltronics provides technical assistance in the design and development of bespoke cable harnesses systems and offers cost efficient manufacture through Miracle Electronics.

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Toroidal, EI, Power, Audio, SMPS and UI encapsulated Transformers, Chokes and Inductors are available through our association with Miracle Electronics in India.

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Box Integration

Miracle Electronics has an established infrastructure within Bangalore to support client requirements for part or full box integration.

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Toroidal, EI & SMPS Transformers
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