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Custom Connector Socket

Custom Connector Solutions

Through our partnership with IEH we can assist with connector design when standard products are not an option. 

IEH specializes in custom applications, many of which incorporate Hyperboloid contact technology and meet the specific needs of our customers’ applications.

Please see the pitcured examples IEH custom connector solutions. 

  • For high shock and vibration applications where an ARINC or 38999 plug needs to mate directly to a board. Float-mounted Hyperboloid contacts in a pin carrier allow for one-shot insertion into a PCB, saving assembly time while providing the ruggedized, low-insertion force required in harsh environments.
  • Semi-circular, stacking connectors for parallel boards inside a munitions chamber, where high reliability and high density were mission-critical.
  • Rounded-edge connectors for circular chambers in auto-feather units for jet engines.
  • 1,200 pin connector for an interface board on rotary-winged military vehicles.
  • Receptacles on power conversion boards to mate with pins on various DC-DC daughtercards.
  • D-shaped connectors for ruggedized medical and commercial applications, including docking stations, mobile diagnostic equipment, and remote terminals. The ability of the Hyperboloid contact to last over 100,000 mating cycles was preferred.
  • Edge of a circular card for the guidance section of a torpedo.

Ex-El would be happy to review your current interconnect requirements, and work with you on a solution to suit your needs.

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