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PCB Mount Connectors

Super High-density, multirow CSRC range of rectangular PCB mounting edge and stacking connectors compatible with industry standards, utilising the high-performance ‘hyperboloid’ socket contact technology.

We can offer customised designs of this product on quick turnaround, as well standardised catalogue product.

Ex-Eltronics offers design and integration of this product line, through our relationship with our partner CPE Italia, whom we represent solely in the UK and other parts of the globe.

CPE has become a company at the forefront of innovation within the realms of interconnect products in the fields of Telecommunications, Defence, Broadcasting, Research Institutes. Whether the end user requires an off-the-shelf solution or a custom designed product, CPE Italia has the capability for volume production on a global scale, with manufacturing facilities in Italy, Romania, Brazil, Mexico, and China.



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